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Extended Stay America, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the operator of an economy apartment hotel chain in the United States and Canada. It is publicly traded as a "paired share" with ESH Hospitality, Inc., a real estate investment trust and the owner of the hotels. As of December 31, 2019, the company owned and operated 557 hotel properties consisting of approximately 61,900 rooms and franchised or managed 73 hotel properties consisting of approximately 7,500 rooms.

An angry customer said this in a review "I have been staying at Extended Stay America for 2 weeks now and not once has the room been cleaned. I called the front desk and asked to have fresh towels brought up and was told that if I want clean towels I would have to come down to the front desk, bring my dirty towels and they will give me fresh ones. Why are we paying over $400 to stay at a hotel to do our own housekeeping? I work the front lines and stay at a hotel to have housekeeping taken care of but I was wrong to stay at this chain. Don't stay here. There are better places to stay who actually know what housekeeping means."


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Current Employee - Front Desk says

"Coworkers are rude and porposfully try and get you in trouble"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Too many to list here’s a short version: Not enough money to order supplies, no work/life balance (after working a full day you must go out on the road 3X a week after 9pm to do sales), no overtime unless you desperately need it otherwise get your cleaning uniform on and also hope you are one of your District Managers “favorites” if not don’t expect any help from them they are too busy saving others. As I said it is too much to write the only good out of this it is a great learning experience. A manager also cleans, security guard for many unwanted guests, payroll, sales, checks rooms (no head of hskp here), it’s basically a one man show for managers and of course your staff also"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"No work/home life balance Low wages Skelton crew Unrealistic expectations Lots of call outs- long days long nights you never get a day off without something going wrong. They claim they're taking extra precautions to protect staff and employees from covid but far from true. They reduced the time it takes to clean the rooms and took away weekly housekeeping. How can a room be throughly cleaned in 20 minutes with full kitchens.?Especially during covid? They were trying to capitalize business and employees from major hotel chains. Sent out emails stating so. This email wasn't supposed to go out to property level management. They were gearing up to be hyper aggressive in their efforts to recruit manager's from bigger hotel chains because alot of people were laid off from these major chains and were desperate for work and willing to take a pay cut.. Jokes on them because when everything goes back to normal these employees will go back to their major hotels they came from. Extended stay can't compete with these brands and these new managers they're hiring will be gone just as soon as things are back to normal."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"Facilities team absolutely the worst people to work with! They care nothing about you; take advantage of you and your time; care nothing about work/life balance-they will work you to death! Their expectations are ridiculous! And they are cheap when it comes to spending money on their projects. They mistreat their hired consultants by blaming them for everything when their contractors are the ones that can’t get it done and cost them money and loss of revenue with constant delays. It’s unbelievable how well they treat their contractors and how poorly they treat their consultants who are looking out for their best interest and the contractors don’t. Their contractors take so much advantage of them and yet they continue to still hire and work with the same ones. The facilities team is so biased and disrespectful to others. They will overload you with work and give you tasks that weren’t even in the job description. The turnover rate is very high. Overall toxic work environment and by far the worst job I’ve ever had!"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Terrible, They micromanage everything, constant change. Poorly communicate. Over work Management . They also act like the current situation has no effect on what we have to go through to do our job."

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Terribly ran company to work for."

Current Employee - General Manager says

"Corporate side tends to be too detached from the field side"

Current Employee - Hsc says

"Lot's of work and going back on your word"

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"Everything. management is irresponsible. Dirty. Children work here. Even if they're 40."

Current Employee - Assistant General Manager/TL says

"Challenges are no weekends off. And management who don't follow policy."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They have a huge lack of line in the morning so you will stress out on having towels for the bathroom and towels for the kitchen.the front desk are rude to the guest, and if you tell them the room is to much to handle by yourself they wont send help. They also give a lack of training Lack of linen, disrespectful, lack of training"

Accounting (Current Employee) says

"If you are considering working in their corporate office, I suggest you reconsider. There is no work life balance and the company culture is extremely toxic, biased reviews, no help from management, some managers will hire their under qualified friends. I dreaded coming to work everyday, scared that I would be yelled by those in leadership over any small matter. Even with a tough skin, working here will wear you down and it’s not worth it.Basic salary, that’s it.High pressure workplace with no advancement opportunities"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"No work life home life balance. I could go on and on but I will save you the time reading it and just tell you to run. Don't invest your time and energy in this company. If your hired in management say goodbye to any social life. I can't even tell you how many plans were canceled because staff would call out and regardless how much you spent on your trip or how excited you were to have a couple of days off. Your district manager will not cover regardless of the situation. You receive 7 free night's but I barely used it because most of there hotel's are dirty. I would rather give my friends and family my free nights to use at my location because it was the only one I trusted, I would rather pay and stay somewhere else. 7 free nightsWay to many to name, Low wages, lots of turnover"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was a horrible company to work for. The upper management is so unprofessional and will not help you when you reach out to them. They do not give you the proper training in order to do your job correctly. They expect you to work 24 hours a day with very little pay. Overall my experience with this company was horrible and I do not recommend anyone working for them in the southern regionSome good co workrrsPay"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"They changed management in corporate the last year I was there... that’s when this company went downhill. All of the good managers were let go if you were there 10 or more years. They let young college frat boys run the company.Good experiencesCorporate sucks"


"The culture is of backstabbing and lying you can trust no one especially in the Memphis TN market . employees never show up for the customers are the worst you can find"

Corporate employee (Current Employee) says

"Don’t walk, run away from this place. Cheap company, management does not care about the employees. Pay is extremely low. No appreciation for employees who have been with the company for years. Promotions not based on merit but who you know and kiss up to. Just a waste of time."

Guest Service Representative/Front Desk/laundry attendant (Former Employee) says

"Bad jjuju...always gossip...not treated fairly...on if your not able to understand the rules...manipulation....briber y...poor management.miss use of fundsLove The GuestSelf control at all times"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and unprofessional did not deal well with customers I felt uncomfortable and appreciated Management needs a class in public relations or customer service"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked at ESA almost two years as a GM. I loved it at first up until my last few months before resigning. There were conflicts with upper management D.M. Once positive thing about the company is they offered great benefits. But no work life balance or support from higher up's. If you are looking for job advancement support and ability to be self sufficient at your job role I wouldn't recommend ESA.Good BenefitsPoor upper management"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Not even as a cruel joke would I advise someone to enter one of these places, for work or stay; FULL of drug addicts, women of the evening, and other general nastiness. Your shift will consist of checking in p1mps with their 4 reservations, hearing screams, shouts, and children cry as their addict mothers trudge them through the front lobby at 2am, if the children are accompanied at all. Tried calling cops when needed (building is so notorious even the law won't linger). The managers are clearly ineffective and timid, even defeated when talking to guests; which is so bizarre as I never saw the DM past sunset or on the weekend, that danger was reserved for low level employeesDon't worry about the interview though, it's clear this place will never pre test, as they'd be without 40% of their staff and they're looking for bodies. If you want to take death treats, do management's job, work 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift all simultaneously then this is for you. No Urine ScreeningNo Lunch, cleaning human feces out of elevators, low pay, high chance of bodily harm."

Housekeeping Aide (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t let my dog stay there the rooms have a smell the staff is rude and they never had towels never had extra sheets always had to wait hours after requestHas a bed and tolet"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Payday was the only thing that kept me coming back. I had to wash moldy dishes that sat for a whole week. Managers were lazy and did not really care about their employees. Housekeepers were lazy as well. They kept their cars messy while we had to clean them. Night laundry did everything on 3rd shift. I hated my job at extended stay america. I'm happy I quit! I will not look back. My mind is at ease and I'm much happier NoneWashing tons of moldy dishes that sat for a whole week"

General Manager (Current Employee) says

"You are expected to do the work of 5 people but only get paid for one. If you don't comply they fire you. The RVP's and DM's only care about money. Even now with the COVID outbreak bonuses are based on occupancy. We are MADE TO GO GET GUEST. They do NOT care about the health of employees."

Night Laundry/Front Desk Attendant (Former Employee) says

"hands down this was the worst job I've ever had. I'm not going to go into details about why. but I will say my entire time there was completely stressful and I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone."

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"General manager picks and chooses who he likes, picks on ppl who are his hardest workers. The one in Shelton not good to work for. It's like high school for manager to talk about you to everyone. Mangers In the company does not have your back."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"At 1st the job was good, but after awhile people wouldn't come in & all the work was put on someone else to do. When I would ask about getting a raise, they would avoid the topic. I stop putting in the effort to go above & beyond to do anything for anybody. Unhappy"

Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"RUN better opportunities out there use as part time employment only. Didn't work out well for me at all. give my all busted my behind missed out on alot of family events due to my love and dedication for my job too bad it was not reciprocal. Oh well on to bigger and better things.I am goneI am gone"

Guest Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Although there were many pleasant guest staying at the hotel and you get to meet many different people, depending on your location there will be issues with some guest when it comes to room availability or the lack there of."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Could use better management skills...An more respect for the customers and employees. The boss was a bit of a A-hole one of those bosses if you did something to him he would seek revenge on you"

Karla Dahle says

"We stayed at Sterling Hts in MI due to my husbands job. Rent at their special rate was 178.20 deposit plus 1744.70 a month. I was looking for a less expensive place to stay. On Craigs list there was an ad for same motel for 1470 a month called customer service to ask if I could get that rate. No because I had a special rates. At the front desk there was an add for perks. Applied for perks showed front desk manager and he said can't use them as you have a special rate. At end of month moved to an extended stay as it was less, being 1663.20. My husband was laid off and we were supposed to get a refund. Many times on the phone waiting hours we got 4 different refunds but according to the math they still owe us 328.54. If you check out early you don't get a refund and they don't stick to there add that says we offer the absolute best rate best rate for any and all of our hotels. See a lower price elsewhere? Not only will they honor it we will beat it. They won't even match their own price nor will they refund all of your money."

Cynthia Soto says

"I stayed at the location 1910 Andover street In Tewksbury, MA and I Hated it. The first week starting with my first day at check in My room was dirty. With that alone it built up my Anxiety especially because of the Covid-19 virus. To top it off the pots they gave me were pealing so bad from being scraped so much also the stove top did not work so I couldn’t cook at all. I went to the front desk and waited so long about 20 minutes tops before someone, which was an employee that had just gotten to work To ask me if I was being helped. He tried to find someone he couldn’t find anyone so he helped me the best way he could. Nice young fellow. I finally got to complain to someone and this is what I was told “Well there is nothing I could do till tomorrow because we have no other rooms available. No I am so sorry for the inconvenience I will try and make sure that your situation gets resolved as soon as possible. I went to my room and the next morning I went again to the front desk this time there was a nice young lady who was helpful but also did not apologize for the inconveniences and told me the same thing the gentlemen had told me the first time that they were booked and couldn’t do anything until a room was available. She did mention though that as soon there was a room Available she would make sure I was moved. So me being so frustrated and angry having to disinfect and clean my own room that I rented for a whole week and then to deal with everything else I wrote and sent an email to Management of the hotel but I also called Guest Relations so that they can make sure that My Email was received and read and that my situation does get resolved. After 20 minutes of me talking with Guest Relations I got a call to the room phone by the manager of the Hotel by the name of Dave. He set up a meeting so that he can hear my concerns and so we did and he resolved all of the issues and apologized for the lack of work and non-professionalism of his employees. He also reimbursed me with a small amount Of compensation for the headaches and uncomfortabilities these inconveniences caused me And my family. I was a happy camper as I really wasn’t looking for any compensation but for someone to accommodate me with the amenities that come with the hotel room. The manager was so professional I could not complain because he made sure he himself changed the inconveniences and also fixed the stove top. We were happy and content and n our room despite what we faced in the beginning of our stay. Now a couple of days passed and the people downstairs from us were banging and complaint about the noise we were making upstairs. The noise they complained about came alone from my eight year old son who has a behavioral issue Disorder called ADHD. This disorder isn’t controllable without medication and when it wears off then the ADHD kicks in a lot harder. We explained this to the front desk and these people had no remorse or feelings towards my sons situation that the hotel had to move us to the first floor as well. I was so angry and frustrated all over again as this disorder is very hard for me to deal with myself and I am learning still how to deal with it and my son as well. So I needed to exstend my stay another week due to work reasons and I did and they were able to move us down to the first floor but in that room so many things were broken and I didn’t want to complain because of the reason that I overheard from an employee I know that works there that a conversation Was overheard about me complaining just to get compensated for my stay. Well think again, had I read the reviews about this place I would have never booked a stay there and being that I was already there I booked another week of stay because even though I had to complain to them just on my first day of stay and the next for them to get resolved They did comply and resolved them. So now I th ought if I don’t complain of the things broken in here I will probably get charged for them and that’s not happening on my end. So I did they did fix the leak coming from the kitchen faucet by replacing it with a new one but the broken drawer from the dresser and the broken panel that covered the front of the bathroom sink didn’t get fixed nor did the Wooden floor that was separated From the bathroom tub. It looked like the Maintenance guy there doesn’t know what he is doing at all, sorry to say it if I would to post pictures of everything I dealt with from the dirty room to the broken everything you would say WOW she really isn’t lying. Also everywhere you walked outside was a pile of DOG POOP everywhere we literally had to jump over poop walk in the driveway instead of sidewalk way to enter the building from all exits it was just so bad and DISGUSTING all at the same time. We needed to stay 30 more days but we checked in at the TOWNPLACE SUITE One thing I do know for SURE I will not ever stay there not even if it’s Complimentary stay for FREE."

Jeff says

"Don't stay here! MY husband and I stayed in the hotel in Cumberland Mall in Atlanta Georgia. The worst place we have ever been. In our first room the refrigerator leaked all over the kitchen area and the room was very dirty. They moved us to another room the duvet had burn holes, the microwave didn't work, found dead roaches in the drawers. We were given lame apologies and told to come to the front desk to heat our food. They have no utensils or kitchenware. When we asked to speak to the manager we were told that she was busy with corporate matters and would not be available. Called the corporate number and got lost in the phone system. Poor management, poor customer service, dirty rooms, no amenities in the rooms. Don't stay here! I couldn't give negative stars!"

Erin Phillips says

"Nurses and Contractors Be Aware of this Place! - Montgomery - I can not believe the reviews on this place. If I could give it zero stars I would. I am a Representative for the Nurses, Contractors and local hospitals in the area and we have received some horrible reports from Nurses and contractors that have stayed at this place. Recently we had a nurse come to us with a report of being robbed at gun point after leaving work one night late. Others have been sent home from work because their clothing smell of marijuana and cigarette smoke. When we contracted with this place we were told that it was a smoke free facility. We sent a representative out to the property to speak with the nurses and there was people on the inside of this facility including employees walking around in the middle of a pandemic with no masks on. People had babies and children inside this place and the rooms were not properly cleaned by staff. It is disgusting the respect that this place has for medical staff that came to the state to assist with coronavirus. There is also other drug use and prostitution going on inside this facility. A contractor staying on the first floor reported to the local hospital that guest were smoking crack in this hotel and that she witnessed drug deals on the outside of the property. Also management is horrible there they don't care and talk to the guest any kind of way if they complain. This place is not safe for nurses/contractors to be staying someone bought a gun into this facility and assaulted one of the employees. There have been some nurses there that have called and filed complaints and have even called the front desk and the desk clerks don't answer their calls or call the police. From what we were told the police have been on the property over 30 times in one months for noise complaints such as loud music, and one nurse from the third floor stated that there was a Doctor staying under her and they placed her above the individual and told her nasty things about the guest. I understand that guest because if u stay on second floor it is extremely noisy and hard to sleep because they people on third floor are up all night and have people in and out of the rooms. This place has no leadership or management. Whoever the manager is there he needs to be fired because we were told that the prior manager left for the same reason. I am making it known and pray that no nurse or contractor is hurt on this property because this is no where you would want to stay or lay your head or your license. If you need further assistance with housing you may want to contact your recruiter or the facility because they are aware of this. Don't stay at this place!"

shannon foster says

"I recently stayed at the extended stay in Durham on Miami st. This place has forever changed me. It was a complete dump! Simply put it is disheartening that its even open! Prostitutes and crack heads roaming the building and parking lots. Rooms are absolutely unsafe and dirty. Mold growing in the cabinets, bathrooms,and closets! My company booked 4 rooms for 2 months and we chose to walk out and get rooms at different hotels. This place needs to be closed down by the health department! Honestly I'm thinking this place should have lawsuits against them for taking people's hard earned money and returning such a pitiful environment for people to stay. Garbage all around the building especially in the ditch beside the hotel. The elevators reeked of urine, hallways reeked of Marijuana and cigarettes! Someone needs to do something about the horrible environment they offer and do something about the management, staff! Put the safety and health of the public first! This place is a true modern day dump! Clean it up or tear it down. I'd choose option 2 honestly!"

Mrs J says

"Myself and my husband stayed at Extended Stay of America located at 1355 E 83rd in Merrillville, IN, we stayed at this location for almost a year and, at first we thought it was the best choice due to living situations but we were wrong. The first week we decided to change linen and in doing so we got this stains on the mattress cover that look liked a big urine spot so it was reported to front desk and that Monday the general manager Sherri Redd came up and apologize and gave us 1 night free stay and some complimentary snacks, then housekeeper supervisor Charles and the maintenance guy came to room and gave us a new cover for mattress but she downgraded and disrespect Charles the 3rd floor supervisor in front of us and talked too him like he was a dog. First of all it may have been his floor but you are the manager and you have an assistant manager whom could also come and check rooms also. Sherri Redd could and should have taken that conversation to office and handled that in private, but this is her nature she talks to guest the same way. We're a proven victim this happened January 4th 2020. There have been many incidents and, I will name another since being at this hotel there has been about 4 times Merrillville fire Department showed up the first time was on April 3rd at 1am smoke alarm went off there was smoke smell coming from second floor in which no one was at desk a guest on the first floor phoned the fire Department at that time and took care of issue not one staff member or manager was on site!!! The fire Department chief stated it was clear to return back inside building and the next day no one came up to discuss the matter or compensate us or other guess for inconvenience. I reported all complaints to BBB because, myself and husband were disrespected by Sherri Redd stating we didnt pay our rent on time this individual got mad because we didn't pay on Fridays when we pay every Saturday and my husband got a full printout on April 4th from the assistant manager Mykayla whom saw all payments expect a $20.00 payment my husband didint pay but then paid all other times rent balances of different amounts for us were paid faithfully. On complaint with BBB i requested a $3000.00 reimbursement the owner told me flat out this would never happen and we have never been disrespect by his team. This man has never been at hotel he only goes by his staff Accountability they have a high turnover it's sad they let Charles, Nicole, and many others go but Lee and Dylan were the best. The owner was so cocky he said I have 11 hotels and they are in good standing well that, I dont believe and I will only comp you five days a total of $238.47. I stated is this all we are worth? I guess so because he credited my husband card on file within few days, I went back to BBB with dates and photos of the nasty towels and linens we received being disrespect we gotten, I even lowered the amount from $3000 to a 1000 did that happen? Hell no but, I stated as long as my voice can be heard and social media is in place ppl will know not to stay at this location due to these actions we have uncounted. Ryan Ratliff is rude and disrespectful also, I can see why Sherri Redd is still employed at this location. I wish you all could see the photos but keep following me and they will be on Facebook and Twitter next. Ppl become homeless, or come to hotels like these for a comfortable stay and accurate rates not to live in filth or be disrespected without customers who come and stay a day, week or live there long term should never be treated this way."

salima makitina says

"I stay in this hotel every other month especially the one on Kentwood Grand Rapids Michigan for work purpose, which make me one of your best costomer, I made a reservation on the hotel in Germantown and accidentally use the wrong date, they took $73 for my account for not showing up and while I called to explain, it was a total desaster, first they refuse the refund and kept hanging up on me, I think being a loyal costomer to you guys I’ve been mistreated . It’s a difficult time for everyone, y’all need to be a little soft on people especially financially speaking. I am so DESAPOINTED"

Colleen House says

"This hotel is poor! It is trashy. The staff is very rude. Their WiFi doesn't work. There are rats walking around. I had to fix the toilet that was clogged too and the room stunk when we first showed up. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this hotel to anyone!"

Gary Stephan Hall Jr says

"Dirty room, stench of stale cigarettes and marijuana. A lot of people running around and yelling at night. Found brown spots on the bed sheets. Best of all the iron was broken. Water spilling everywhere. After waiting for 10 minutes for assistance "Tee" came to the front desk and said "I don't know even where we keep them so I can't do nothing about that". When I asked to have a house keeper bring one from another room she told me that she "didn't wanna tag the room dirty". Then she said she could ask her manager what to do but she had to text her. Her manager called back and I could hear the two of them discussing my request over the phone. The manager sounded more confused and put out than "Tee". If you're looking for customer service, a clean hotel or a good night's sleep you need to look somewhere else. Seriously: do not stay here. Spend your money somewhere else."

Robin Renee' Smith says

"They say on their booking site that they offer free WiFi but that only consists of email viewing and basic browsing. What they don't tell you is that they charge you $5 an hour to get faster internet and to be able to use the internet more than email and basic browsing. I reserved my room hours in advance to arriving and upon going into my room, it was stupid. One pillow, No lock for the door and the television is slanted and broke pointing to the ground and the remote is broken and the phone in the room when I tried to call about the room, all it does is beep, beep, beep, beep. And when I went 3 floors down to the office to complain, she took me to her last room to see if it was better. It had not even been cleaned and there was no pillows in that room anyway. They need to change the batteries on the doors because you are constantly going back down three floors to office just to get the card re-keyed. I rate this specific motel as a 1."

Courtney Crist says

"Floor was filthy I had to clean it with thier washrags and they were black after that. Empty meth bag and vodka bottle under the bed. No ice machines. Bed sucked"

Julio Jolivette says

"I have been staying at Extended Stay America in Fremont, Ca since July of this year. I have no intentions of moving out the room that I have been staying in until things get better. The people that work here are friendly and the manager is always willing to help me save money whenever it is time to extend my stay. The hotel is close to my work (11 miles) which is one of the benefits and I haven’t had to worry about anyone breaking into my room or ever had to worry about the room being filthy or have insects invading my space. I would recommend this place to anyone that is looking to stay in the Fremont area..."

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